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Neontekniikka Ltd. is a full service illuminated advertisement factory working at Tampere. Currently we employ about 30 illuminated advertisement experts. The premises and facilities are very modern and practical and designed particularly for illuminated advertisement manufacturing. Neontekniikka Ltd. has strongly invested in production facilities. As a result our production capacity has grown remarkably and is nowadays enough also for really extensive projects. New up-to-date facilities, continuous R&D and investing to expertise of our employee create a base for high quality products and efficient operation.

The backbone of Neontekniikka's production machinery is formed By CNC press brake, CNC sheet roller, CNC punch press, aluminium saw, tape cutter with control systems, powder painting line and water jet cutting facilities. Sheet bending machine and sheet roller also give new opportunities in shaping and forming curved features in aluminium sheets.

Neontekniikka Ltd's own part in manufacturing of illuminated advertisement is high, thanks to high quality machinery and very versatile know-how. Minor need for subcontracting gives us a possibility to react exceptionally fast to the assignments when the situation and customer requires it. Manufacturing of steel structures which require high strengths is outsourced for our long time cooperation partner Teräselementti Ltd.

Neontekniikka Ltd. uses only the best raw materials and components to produce illuminated advertisement. Our own powder painting line which is equipped with environment friendly preparation line ensures stylish result for our products. Behind the used technical solutions and material choises is always the environment where the illumminated advertisement is placed. 



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